Rules of Conduct . . .

To protect our guests, we ask everyone to read and abide by our acceptable behavior policies. To ensure that you fully understand these rules all passengers will be required to sign our Acceptable Behavior Policy Form prior to sailing (the form will be provided when you check-in during boarding). Note: Only passengers 21 or older are allowed on the ship.

Respect: "No means No!" Anyone that doesn't understand this or is making unwanted advances could be subject to expulsion from the ship at the next port, without a refund.

Nudity Rules: Nudity is only allowed on outside decks (12, 14, 15, & 16), playrooms, and the sauna. Please note that you cannot go nude in any elevator; you must be covered. Topless is permitted once inside the discos. Body paint without clothing may be considered nude. Nudity is only allowed in designated areas listed above. Please sit on a towel at all times if nude, it’s just common courtesy. There is no nudity permitted while in any port of call, unless otherwise instructed by the ship captain, even if you are in your own balcony.

Sexual Activity Rules: Sexual activity can only take place in your private cabin or in a designated play area of the ship. There are no exceptions to this rule. Under no circumstances can you approach any of the shipboard staff for any reason to solicit any form of sexual activity. They are not permitted in your cabin either. They will lose their jobs. Guests violating any rule pertaining to sexual activity in forbidden places may be removed from the ship by its security team at the next port of call. No refunds will be issued.

No Illegal Substances: Medicinal drugs are not permitted on the ship. Illicit and illegal drugs of any type are banned on the ship. If found, Celebrity can and will most likely jail you until a port is reached where you will be handed over to the authorities, and possibly face criminal prosecution. No refunds will be issued.

Camera Policy: Photos/video of other passengers without permission is forbidden. If you are seen taking photos/video of groups of people without their permission, your camera can be taken by security to be reviewed. Inappropriate photos/video will be deleted at the discretion of the supervisor. Any photos/video taken on board the ship are for personal use only. Photos/video from this charter cruise cannot be published, printed, made public on the internet, YouTube (or any similar platform), or used for any other purpose without written approval from Bliss Cruise.

You Must Listen to Security: Please respect the ship’s security, they are here to protect you and our attendees. Anyone not adhering to our or the ship’s conduct policies can be put off the ship at the next port. Therefore, don't argue with any security. If you are informed to correct a behavior and you feel you were not in error, please attempt to abide by any immediate order given. Get the name of the person, and if you feel it’s necessary, report your concern to Bliss Help Desk. A supervisor will be called.

Intoxication: If you become intoxicated and disruptive, you will be escorted to your cabin.

Abuse of Drink Packages: Ship monitors the type and frequency of drinks packages to determine if it is being abused. Celebrity reserves the right to suspend or revoke package privileges if abused.