New to Lifestyle Cruising ?

A little worried about the experience? Well you will be very surprised how warm and welcoming everyone will be when you board the ship. Beginning with a glass of champagne to greet you and carrying on with all the other excited couples. The energy and passion is overwhelming.


Things to know...

Alcohol . . .

Carry On Luggage:
Carry ALL your valuables with you, medications and your camera. This includes your cruise documents, SetSail Pass, Passport, Photo ID, Credit Cards and any other indentification you might need. There is a time lapse before we have our luggage in our cabins, so put the things you need immediately in your carry-on luggage.

When we get to the port, the luggage is given to the luggage handlers to put onto the ship. There are special luggage tags which identify your cabin and these can be printed ahead of time. It's best to have these attached when you get to the port to save the lineup.

The bags should arrive in your cabin before dinner.

Muster Drill:
Before we sail, the ship has a "Muster Drill" which is like a fire drill. All passengers must attend this lovely ceremony. The best thing about the drill is... we sail immediately after and that means - "Sail Away Party" !!

We are now able to bring on board one bottle of wine each for use in your cabin. If you take it to drink outside your cabin, you will be charged a corkage fee.

If you buy liquor in any of our ports, it will be held for you by the cruiseline until you leave the ship.
Duty free on the ship is available but delivered just before you leave the ship, so you can't have it in your cabin. The prices are fabulous though.

Drink packages are available for your cruise. Check out all the choices on the Celebrity website. As an example, the Classic Package is $59 per day plus tax. This gives you all your drinks all day from that list.

At the Pier:
Anytime after 11:30  is the best time to check in. The earlier the better to avoid the crowds. You must check in before 3:00 PM or your reservation will be cancelled!  When you check into the desk at the port, your identification will be checked against what you have put in the computer to set up your SetSail Pass (you printed it), An imprint of a credit card will be taken (for your onboard charges).
You will be given a SeaPass Card. This looks like a credit card and indeed it is, but it is also your door key. You will not need money on board, (maybe in the Casino) just use your SeaPass Card to charge all of your purchases to your account.... leave your wallet in the your safe.

OnLine Check In:
You must go to the Celebrity website to enter all your Check In information. This will save a great deal of time at the pier. When all is complete PRINT your Set Sail Pass and take it to check in at the ship. For heavens sake don't forget your Passport!!

You will want to call your provider and see what the plan is for service from the Caribbean. If you have your phone on the ship you can get their satellite feed but again - very expensive in addition to your provider charges. The charges for the phones in your cabin are truly outrageous and only for emergencies!
Hey, you're on VACATION!!

Phone Service:

In the Celebrity iLounge and you can purchase a package for the cruise or pay by the minute. They have wireless available as well so you can bring your laptop or use you iPhone in your cabin.